BPO 360 increases ANU info session attendance by 1000%

The launch of BPO 360 is off to a flying start, after Australian National University (ANU) enlisted the innovative cross-media marketing technology to help boost conversion rates for an online info session. The university hoped the info session would be popular with students, however only a small number initially took up the offer.

It wasn’t until Julie Murdoch, Marketing Manager at ANU, approached BPO Intelligence that attendance levels began to increase rapidly. A BPO Account Manager worked with Julie is establishing an approach that best addressed the specific needs of the university. The nature of the process meant BPO and ANU quickly agreed that a strategic, personalised SMS campaign would best suit the circumstances.

“Before using their SMS direct marketing strategy, our registration numbers were sitting at 10 students”, she said.

“However only hours after the campaign launched, our numbers jumped to 43, and finally reached 100 once the info session commenced”.

The results of the BPO 360 campaign solidified the technology as a game changer within the education sector. According to Ms Murdoch, the impact BPO 360 had on the university’s info session attendance vastly exceeded all expectations. “BPO 360 proved to be a godsend, helping to increase our registration numbers for an ANU online info session by 1000 percent”, she said.

BPO 360 is now looking to cast its net wider, in an effort to achieve similar – and even greater – results within the education sector.

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