Alumni communication is easier with BPO

With the backing of strong alumni, you have access to a wealth of resources that can lead to donations, referrals, internships, fundraising efforts, testimonials and even marketing opportunities for your courses.

The biggest challenges however, are reconnecting with graduates effectively.

BPO takes care of that, because we’re the education specialists. In fact, over 85% of universities and leading institutions in Australia and New Zealand use our multi award winning services.

With our innovative BPO 360 technology, we create customised and personalised communication that is more engaging and effective than ever before.

BPO allows you to connect with alumni in a dynamic, cost effective way that prompts two-way communication, because our personal approach creates an emotional connection that inspires action.

You can even give them the option of PDF or print.

Let graduates choose the kind of information they receive, or base the content they get on information you have about them. It’s easy!

Once you establish this personal relationship, you can easily add features like online donation options, referral options and more.

Alumni communication has never been easier.

For more information visit and

For anything else, feel free to call on 03 8514 3750.

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