What exactly have we been up to?

BPO’s commitment to innovation and imagination has given birth to some of the most coveted products and services in the education sector.

Because of these offerings and the rapid success of BPO, CEO Naresh Gulati was recently named in the top 12 and top 5 of the Pro Print Power 50 after a string of impressive moves and acquisitions.

The acknowledgement is in large a reflection of BPO’s continued success in the education sector, where it services over 85% of universities and leading TAFE institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

BPO’s ability to remain at the top of the marketplace is a sign of durability and innovation, as customers have come to expect not only high quality from BPO, but also routinely rely on the company to introduce and deliver new technologies and services.

With this in mind, we have recently introduced BPO 360; a new, innovative technology designed to offer personalised digital marketing and communications.

BPO 360 enables users access to customised cross media marketing campaigns, comprising personalised email, SMS and direct mail, which communicates one-to-one with students like never before.

With BPO 360 you can boost conversion rates, save time, reduce costs and connect with students throughout their entire student lifecycle.

To find out more about how BPO 360 can boost your marketing, check out our website at:  www.bpo360.com.au

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